Sa Loob at Labas

From Iskomunidad


Dy, D.M.B. (2015). Sa Loob at Labas, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines, College of Mass Communication.

Sa Loob at Labas is a film that tells the story of Ari, an adolescent girl, trapped within the walls of her own house. Living with her irritable and controlling single mother and her maid, Ate Nads, she tries to seek what the outside world is like through her daily tutor, Patricia. Slowly trying to understand the situation she’s in, escaping seemed to be the solution; but Ari realizes that it isn’t exactly what she wanted. The film tackles the struggles of a single mother and at the same time a young girl trying starting to think for herself. It deals with the struggles of women living in a patriarchal society. The framework of feminism, along with semiotics, was used, because in this supposed patriarchal society, women try to stand up for themselves.

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