Cabigon, Chad Angelic Duque. Ricochet. University of the Philippines Diliman. College of Mass Communication, 2010. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis.

Ricochet tells the story of a man who contemplates on a murder he committed. His plan to restore peace and to avenge his misfortune backfires when he kills an innocent man instead of a scoundrel. It narrates the story of a man dealing with his inner purgatory and the psychological death of his humanity.

The film is about the repercussions of man’s thoughts and actions in accordance to the people around him. We may have the best intentions but we may not have the proper solutions. When chaos arises we could possibly create more tribulations than resolutions, and with that we struggle to remain our sanity intact while trying to cover our sins.

The film also highlights the technical capabilities of the medium in order to expressively communicate with its audience. It tries to be self-reflexive on the use of film as a medium to share new meanings not just those that were readily presented in the film as it exemplified concepts of Linda Hutcheon’s theory on Metafiction (Hutcheon 2)

Keywords: Film, Thesis

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Subject Index: Motion picture acting, Guilt