Reyna Christina

From Iskomunidad


Reyna Christina tells the story of the coming of age of Christina on the night of her sagala. Christina is insecure of her femininity because she has yet to menstruate despite her age. On the day of the Santacruzan, she has to replace a sick cousin. Although hesitant to join, she has no choice but to follow her mother.

The film is guided by the feminist theory, in particular third world feminism, that discusses how gender identities come from the politics of home (Narayan, 1997). Third world mothers encourage the national ideal to their daughters. Women are idealized and limited to the feminine roles of: reproducer, supporter, and willing victim. It is also guided by the feminist ideas of the female sexuality and its role in empowering women.

Dimagiba, P.L.T. (2014). Reyna Christina. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Keywords: Coming of Age, Menarche, Santacruzan, Adolescent Female Sexuality, Third World Feminism

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