Pressing IDentity: Perception on the Media’s Use of Press Card in Quezon City


It is proper and ethical for media practitioners to properly identify themselves when gathering information and in the delivery of news to the public. Identification is provided mainly by the press ID, which makes it easier for the press to fulfill its news gathering function. However, the identification card has served purposes aside from what it was originally intended to be. How the members of the media have been using the press ID for purposes other than identification has been an area few studies have delved upon. This is one of the few studies that delved into the issue of the pressing identity. It focused on the opinions of officials from major government units and police officials in Quezon City to determine how the government sector perceive the media’s use of press ID. Through surveys and focus interviews, the study found out that the people from the government agree with the media’s use of press identification card while a notable number refused to give opinion on the matter. Perception was revealed to be affected by socio-demographic factors and media contact.

Lirio, C. & Tan, J. (2010) Pressing IDentity: Perception on the Media’s Use of Press Card in Quezon City, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Subject Index: Freedom of the press--Quezon City--Philippines, Press--Quezon City--Philppines