Press On a study on family communicative practices for the depressed

Cruz, M.R., & Layco, H. (2016). Press On: A Study on Family Communicative Practices for the Depressed, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines, College of Mass Communication

This thesis looked into the communication practices of family members to alleviate the condition of the depressed young adult. Specifically, this aimed to: (1) describe the roles of the family members within the family network; (2) discover the kinds of social support given to the depressed; (3) describe the communication practices through verbal and nonverbal cues; and (4) describe the quality of communication of the members and the depressed. The study used two theories, namely Social Support Theory and Family Network Theory.

Four families agreed to be interviewed for the study and they were provided with a consent and confidentiality agreement. Informants recognize that each member of the family has different roles to play within the family. Parents are expected to look after, and provide for their children. Elders must ensure the well-being of the younger siblings. Results showed there is an observable increase in attention given to depressed young adults, usually manifested by the physical presence of family members, frequent attempts to engage in conversations and giving pieces of advice. Communication practices are more verbal than nonverbal, as family members tend to talk to the depressed individual more, and try to give them as much words of encouragement.

Keywords: Mental Health, Depression, Family Communication

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