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The Philippine Association of Nutrition-Alpha Chapter (PAN-Alpha) is a duly accredited organization of the College of Home Economics, University of the Philippines-Diliman, and Philippine Association of Nutrition, Inc. Founded in 1947, PAN-Alpha has emerged to organize into a single body students of the College of Home Economics (CHE) who are interested in food and nutrition problems of the Philippines.

PAN-Alpha has been awarded by the CHE-Student Council as CHE’s Best Organization for three consecutive academic years (AY 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011). In addition, PAN-Alpha has been awarded as the Outstanding Student Chapter of PAN, Inc. for AY 2008-2009.


AY 2008-2009

President: Emmanuel Villareal
Vice President for External Affairs: Vernel Villamarin
Vice President for Internal Affairs: Karen Kay Mejos
Secretary: Abigail Mercado
Treasurer: Jennefer Par
Public Relations Officer: Harrell Valdemar Wong

AY 2009-2010

President: Abigail Mercado
Vice President for External Affairs: Frances Pola Arias
Vice President for Internal Affairs: Gienah Evangelista
Secretary: David Angelo Capistrano
Treasurer: Harrell Valdemar Wong
Public Relations Officer: Regine Ubusan

AY 2010-2011

President: Kevin Javier
Vice President for External Affairs: Jen-Christina Lourdes Segovia
Vice President for Internal Affairs: Gienah Evangelista
Vice President for Academic Affairs: Julian Laude III
Secretary: Inez Margarita Montenegro
Assistant Secretary: Dana Michelle Villacorta
Treasurer: Alyssa Maxine Santos
Public Relations Officer: Rinah Elaisse Dolores

AY 2011-2012

President: Marie Angelique Gelvezon
Vice President for External Affairs: Gabriel Martin Ilustre
Vice President for Internal Affairs: Eloida Mae Moreno
Vice President for Academic Affairs: Kattleya Marie Reine Yatco
Secretary: Carousel Diaz
Assistant Secretary: Jesseca Villena
Treasurer: Trisha Ann Garcia
Press Relations Officer: Ivan Kenneth Zapanta

AY 2012-2013

President: Miguel Adrian A. Yu
Vice President for External Affairs: Jon Bon Jovi Timones
Vice President for Internal Affairs: Edwin Daryl Dy
Vice President for Academic Affairs: Edgardo Severino Jr.
Secretary: Reginna Emiliene Lat
Assistant Secretary: John Oliver Estadilla
Treasurer: Nicole Wina Duran
Press Relations Officer: Ma. Carissa Abelita


PAN Alpha was created to pursue academic excellence and professional growth among students taking the degree of Bachelor of Science in Community Nutrition offered at the Food Science and Nutrition Department of CHE. However, the organization is not limited to BS Community Nutrition students, since it is open to all CHE students who have taken up at least 3 units of any Food and Nutrition (FN) subject.


The Philippine Association of Nutrition – Alpha Chapter, as an organization comprised of BS Community Nutrition students of the University of the Philippines Diliman, has consistently adhered to the thrust of the Philippine Association of Nutrition. In general, PAN aspires to popularize the newer knowledge of nutrition and to focus the public eye upon the nation’s food problems and their proper solution. It has reached different people within the diverse UP community - composed of students from different backgrounds, the staff and workers, and the common people living within the premises of the campus and nearby settlers - as well as the less fortunate children in Boys' Town, Marikina. From wellness and nutrition counseling booths, seminars on health and nutrition, and community outreach programs, PAN-Alpha has proven that its goals and purposes, achieved as a form of community service and a means of personal development for its members, have proven to be noble and worthwhile endeavors aimed at improving the present condition (particularly in the health and nutrition aspect) of the community within its scale of influence and beyond.

On the aspect of sharing and disseminating the knowledge and awareness on nutrition, PAN-Alpha launched campaigns and projects that aimed to inform and educate the students, the university staff and workers, other members of the UP community, and the children of Boys' Town; on the different concepts of nutrition and their relevance to healthy living. The celebration of the 35th Nutrition Month and PAN-Alpha’s 62nd Anniversary was marked by seminars, programs, and activities related to the prevention of lifestyle diseases and the importance of maintaining proper nutrition and having a healthy lifestyle. The organization basically showed that the Nutrition Month’s theme, which was “Wastong Nutrisyon Kailangan, Lifestyle Diseases Iwasan”, is still relevant and it should be given enough attention. Furthermore, alternative classes on physical activities and healthy food choices were launched to enlighten the students who are greatly affected by these issues.

To give emphasis on wellness and well-being, PAN-Alpha embarked on its signature nutrition clinics and nutrition counseling activities that have continuously helped not only the students but also the UP employees, especially those at risk due to overnourishment or undernourishment, by increasing their awareness of their present nutritional status and by providing them with practical, beneficial, and comprehensible nutrition advice. Healthy eating tips and guidelines in food selection provided by the organization were always useful and practical. In further efforts to help the CHE staff and kawani to improve their health and nutrition status, PAN-Alpha organized a seminar regarding prevention of lifestyle diseases through a talk by a registered nutritionist-dietitian. PAN-Alpha continues to expand its territory by reaching out to other people outside the academic sphere of the UP community. By collaborating with the officials of Barangay UP Campus, and for this year, of Boys' Town, Marikina, the organization had the opportunity to be of assistance more people, especially those who are less fortunate. The organization organized outreach programs for the residents of Barangay UP Campus and for the children of Boys' Town, Marikina. These outreach programs aimed to build the good foundation of health and nutrition in the young minds of children as well as those of the mothers by providing seminars regarding proper food choices, nutrition for the adolescents, and safe, aesthetically pleasing, nutritious and economic way of preparing meals for low-income families. Indeed, PAN-Alpha has effectively disseminated the knowledge of nutrition to different people and the organization has strived to address and provide solutions to the concerns of the people regarding food (its accessibility and availability). PAN-Alpha believes that these actions are of paramount importance in ensuring the proper nourishment of the Filipino people, in order for them to effectively contribute in nation-building.

As PAN-Alpha embarks on projects and activities that seek to promote nutrition and to help improve the nutritional status of more people, its members are likewise improved and developed. The weight and height clinics have helped its members in honing their skills in obtaining basic anthropometric measurements and in assessing one’s nutritional status by interpreting these measurements. Nutrition counseling sessions have also helped the student members in sharpening this skill that is a necessity for every nutritionist-dietitian. The planning and conceptualizations of project designs have developed the planning and critical thinking faculties of the student members, given the various factors that have to be considered such as time, manpower, behavior of the target group, and financial resources. Leadership skills are also enhanced, especially in the part of the officers, who are tasked to handle a number of students with different, and at times, contrasting temperaments, preferences, skills and capabilities. Definitely, good leadership is necessary in order to carry out various projects and activities.

More importantly, PAN-Alpha’s projects and activities have become the vehicle for the nutrition students of UP, the Isko and Iska ng Bayan, to bring back to the nation. Programs and activities devoted to the community have opened doors for the student members to be of service to the workers, and the common people whose tolls have paved the way for their priceless education in our country’s National University – the University of the Philippines. On the whole PAN-Alpha of the University of the Philippines-Diliman has excellently fulfilled the real essence of an organization. Guided by its purpose and goals, it has touched and helped a great number of people and at the same time, it has nurtured its members and sustained them towards achieving a certain level of fulfillment as human beings. That alone is enough to justify the excellence and exceptionality of PAN-Alpha as an organization.

PAN-Alpha’s mark of excellence and exceptionality is further established as the organization was recognized as the Most Outstanding Student Chapter of Philippine Association of Nutrition, Inc. for 2009. The organization’s efforts to provide community service and to forge the positive change in its field of expertise – health and nutrition, have proven their worth and significance to the people and communities who have been greatly impacted by the organizations various endeavors. As PAN-Alpha moves beyond its six decades of existence, it aspires to reach greater heights by continuing, and even expanding, it’s noble aspiration to help, develop, and enrich more and more people. PAN-Alpha will continuously step up to greater challenges and larger opportunities, as the field of nutrition continues to expand. The spirit of distinction and committed service will continue to flourish. The spirit of PAN-Alpha lives on!


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