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Penales, A. G (2018) PATULINAN, Unpublished undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines Diliman

Patulinan is a sports drama film about best friends and softball teammates, Loli and Maya, as they await the results of their college entrance results.

The film focuses on two separate issues and topics in the film. First is the misrepresentation and marginalization of athletes, specifically young women athletes. Second is the focus on the side of sports that exhibits and celebrates femininity, as opposed to what the media always presents, which is an activity that flourishes on masculinity, aggressiveness, obsession with winning or attaining the highest possible tournament rank and sometimes even violence.

The film is centered on Marxism and Sport with the internal struggles faced by the two main characters, while radical feminism will further give explanation to the presence and rationale of its second theme, femininity in sports.

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