Parenting the Orphan: Diagnosing Orphan Diseases in the Philippines


This thesis investigated on the current status of orphan diseases in the Philippines. Orphan disease or rare disease is a type of disease which occurs in a small percentage of a certain population. Accounting for very few individuals, the public, the government and the pharmaceutical industry give very little attention to these diseases and to the patients. An in-depth examination of medical statistics, government funding, legislation, previous studies, private endowment, and attitudes and responses of the different sectors of the society such as the health sector, government, orphan disease patients and their families showed that orphan diseases are among the least priority of the government and the health sector as these sectors have to attend to more immediate and pressing concerns. This in turn endangers the lives of orphan disease patients. The study showed that proper information dissemination could help in soliciting help for the patients. The study was conducted using Agenda-setting, Elaboration Likelihood theories and Force Field analysis as the framework for investigation. This study came up with recommendations for possible legislation to address the problems brought about by orphan diseases.

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Subject Index: Diseases, Orphan drugs--Philippines