Paghilom is a film about Jose, a WWII guerilla who gets wounded in battle. Troubled by his inability to fight and baggage from stunted dreams of becoming a painter, Jose finds comfort in his budding friendship with a nurse named Maria. Together, they cope with the lurches and lulls of wartime life in their forest shelter.

The film touches on the notions of love and ambition in a hostile environment. Though set in the period of war, it is not a war film. It is a close look at the more personal things that happen in-between the battle cries and explosions. Yet, with the looming possibility of having to face combat, the characters are forced to reflect on their status as servants in the country’s time of need, despite their inner struggles and reluctance. In this tale of Man vs. Environment, Jose strives not to lose himself in the process. This film is Jose and Maria’s journey to healing, above and beyond physical condition.

Baquiran, Marie Joseph F. Paghilom. Unpublished Student Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication, 2013

Key words: World War II, Healing

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