Online or On-Air?

A study on the Youth’s consumption of News from Facebook and Television

Gascon, K.G. (2011). Online or On-air? A study on the Youth’s consumption of News from Facebook and Television, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

This study aims to describe and explore the news consumption behavior of the youth by comparing their news consumption on Facebook and television. This study also applies the concept of Digital Natives by Palfrey and Gasser to the local context and tries to find out whether the Filipino Digital Natives have the tendency to change their media preference when it comes to news consumption.

Two separate focused group discussions were conducted with college students from University of the Philippines Diliman. The first one consisted of six respondents randomly picked from different colleges and year levels, while the second comprised of eleven freshmen dormers chosen by the dormitory manager where a request letter was sent. The findings revealed how the respondents perceive the credibility of news from Facebook vis-à-vis television. They still consider television as the main news source but recognize the convenience that Facebook offers. However, they still verify the news they acquired from Facebook through television hence, Facebook serves as a bridge for conveying news.

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Subject Index : Online social networks, Television--Philippines