Online Reception Study of Filipino Beauty Pageant Fans

Cruz, Lizette Frances P. (2017). Online Reception Study of Filipino Beauty Pageant Fans. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication

As one of the leading Internet users in the world, where Filipinos spend an average of more than 6 hours per day on the Internet, it is not surprising that most Filipino pageant fans choose the online medium in obtaining information regarding pageants news and related stories. The constant tagging of Filipino fans as one of the most enthusiastic pageant followers in the world is manifested by how Filipinos are able to be continuously up to date when it comes to pageant news through daily consumption of online sources. Using qualitative survey responses from Filipino pageant fans ages 18 and up, this paper aims to study how Filipino pageant fans receive online media websites in providing news stories about beauty pageants, and what behaviors are being developed upon receiving news from online pageant websites. The Uses and Gratification Theory by Elihu Katz and Jay G. Blumber was also used as the framework to analyze the results of the study.

Keywords: audience study, beauty pageants, fans, online, reception

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