Onanay: Portrayal of a Mother by a Little Person in the TV Program "Onanay"


Perdido, K. F. (2019). Onanay: Portrayal of a Mother by a Little Person in the TV Prorgam “Onanay”. (Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis). College of Mass Communication, University of the Philipines Diliman, Quezon City.

This study examined the media representation of little people in GMA-7’s television program, Onanay. A textual analysis of the episodes was utilized in dissecting the program and the characterization of Onay in the episodes. The research determined the answer to the question: how is a mother portrayed by a little person on the TV Program, Onanay?

Further, the whole study was guided by five media models of disability namely, the models of (1) impairment, (2) social pathology, (3) supercrip, (3) civil rights, and (4) cultural pluralism; these aided the research in identifying how the little people are represented per episode. A form of semiotic analysis was also utilized in order to assess the meanings behind the dialogues and visuals gathered in the episodes. Out of the 160 episodes of the program, only 33 episodes were lifted from the episodes through purposive sampling. Only 33 were taken because these episodes were the most relevant in the purpose of answering the problem of this study.

This study has determined the Philippine media situation in relation to the representation of the little people. It provided a better understanding on whether local media has done its part in being sensitive to the preferences of the little people and in providing inclusive spaces for them in Philippine media.

Keywords: Onanay, little person, PWD media representation, media models of disability

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