Observance of Fire Prevention Month

13 March 2009

Memorandum No. CGCG 09-38

All Deans and Directors, Head of Units, Building Administrator, All Campus Residents

Observance of Fire Prevention Month

In observance of the Fire Prevention Month, we would like to enjoin everyone to put in place necessary measures to ensure the safety and protection of lives and university property.
Most often, fires are caused by faulty electrical wiring or overloading. To avert such fires, please observe the following measures:
  1. have your electrical wiring system inspected for integrity
  2. avoid octopus connections
  3. check voltage and wattage of electrical devices before actual use
  4. provide proper ventilation for electrical devices to avoid overheating
  5. do not conceal electrical wires under flammable materials like carpets
  6. do not hang electrical wires on metal bars nor tie them to a nail or any metal object
  7. in case of brownouts, turn off electrical devices or main switch

Offices and academic units are encouraged to install fire extinguisher in strategic locations within their building(s). Incidentally, the Office of the Campus Architect (OCA) or the Campus Maintenance Office (CMO) may assist in checking the electrical system of administrative and academic buildings.

Needless to say, smoking is not allowed in buildings and in some parts of the campus. Smokers are reminded to extinguish live cigarette butts to prevent possible contact with combustible materials such as dry waste, dried leaves or grass, etc.
For your information and guidance. Thank you.
Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs