This thesis entitled O.D. is a 15-minute narrative film shot in HD video. The story revolves around the character of Cocoy, an undergraduate student who has been dismissed from his college. Because of shame and guilt, he finds it hard to confess to his parents about his academic status so he chooses to not tell them about it, keeping his parents’ expectation that he is doing well in school and is graduating from college soon. This struggle almost leads him to self-destruction. This thesis film delves into how individuals, college students in particular, deal with failure. In several cases, students cope with failure in a negative manner such as denial, concealment, and ignorance of the failure, and pretensions. These kinds of behaviors towards failure, most of the time, lead to self-destruction. This suggests that proper failure management is an important factor for an individual to move on from a failure. Moreover, this thesis asserts that a posiive approach to failure leads to a positive result. This thesis is supported by theories such as Lacan’s psychoanalytic theory on self-construction, Freud’s theory on ego-defense mechanism, and Weiner’s attribution theory.

Subject Index: Self-destructive behavior, Secrecy, School failure