Nang Malipol sa Gubat

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Title: Nang Malipol sa Gubat


Matibag, D. R. A. (2013) Nang Malipol sa Gubat, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines, College of Mass Communication.

Nang Malipol sa Gubat is about a woman taking on an adventure when the helpless side of her gets lured by mythological creatures. The woman separates into two selves, one being the helpless self that gets lured, and the other who braves the forest and its mysteries in the pursuit of reclaiming the former.

The film is about sadness and the dissonance it creates within the self. Based on Philippine mythology, the film makes use of its mysteries and inherent narratives in exploring sadness and the journey it entails.

Keywords: Philippine Mythology, Dissonance, Sadness, Self

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