Mass Communication Organization

Since 1993, the UP Mass Communicators Organization (UP MCO) has been committed to advocating the importance of responsibility in the field of mass communication by raising the bar in media awareness and education. By creating venues for discussing and evaluating mass media, UP MCO elevates media literacy and encourages critical analysis among audiences.

Some of UP MCO's activities include Major Issue, a symposium tackling important and timely issues in the field of mass media, EQ, an entertainment quiz show with a twist, and MCO Box Office (MBO), a mixed media festival showcasing productions produced, directed, and starred in by UP MCO members. The organization is also most notably known for organizing Hot Off the Grill, the College’s annual miting de avance for local and university-wide student council candidates.

Now on its 18th year, UP MCO continues to be a paragon of excellence by continuing to organize activities that are well-acclaimed and widely celebrated in the College, staying true to its nature as an organization that is truly exciting, truly controversial, and truly outstanding.

The UP Mass Communicators Organization. Truly academic.





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