MagKaisa College of Social Sciences and Philosophy

MagKaisa College of Social Sciences and Philosophy
MagKaisa CSSP
Established September 2009
Category Socio-Political Organization
Founding Chairperson Lee Tan
Incumbent Chairperson Karla Badong
Location Flag of the Philippines.pngQuezon City, Philippines
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MagKaisa College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, better known as MagKaisa CSSP is socio-political organization founded in the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy in the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Established in 2009, MagKaisa is an organization founded on the principles of scholar activism, social progress with social justice, and collective leadership. MagKaisa advocates the protection of human rights, which include the right to education and gender equality. Moreover, MagKaisa aims to promote student welfare through the provision of student services and by organizing socially-relevant activities.



  • Scholar Activism

Academic excellence, to be of service to the students and to society, must be socially relevant. We aim to use our education for the greater good of our fellow students, the University, the nation and society as a whole.

  • Social Progress with Social Justice

As students of the University of the Philippines, we bear a social responsibility to our country and fellow members in society. Any collective thrust in order to be meaningful should be grounded in the continuing struggle for a free and just society, and it should speak on behalf of the weak, marginalized and oppressed.

  • Collective Leadership

It is imperative that student leaders prioritize the empowerment of their constituents, by promoting and safeguarding their rights, welfare, and interests. Attention toward issues of broader import should not be prejudiced against local concerns. We aim to help create an atmosphere conducive to learning, progress and political maturity.

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The incumbent MagKaisa CSSP Chairperson is Karla Badong, a sophomore BS Political Science Major.

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