Lila: A Documentary on a Mother Raising a Child With Autism


This study examined the perspective of a mother raising a child with autism. The subject of this inquiry is the researcher-filmmaker herself, who is a mother of a 19-year old autistic boy. It employs the ethnographic approach through personal narratives as she made sense of her experiences in raising this child. A documentary was created to visually translate the findings in the research, particularly the personal narratives. It specifically employed the performative mode for the purpose of drawing from her audience an involvement that invites them to feel and see her world from a perspective of a woman and mother caring for a special child. The documentary utilizes the researcher-filmmaker's home videos, which span nearly 20 years of her life with her child. The study is guided by the social constructivist framework, socialist feminism, and the narrative theory in understanding an experience.

Ustaris, C. S. C. (2014). Lila: A Documentary on a Mother Raising a Child with Autism. Unpublished Master's Thesis, University of the Philippines Diliman College of Mass Communication.

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