Life Love Lust


“I have been mastur**** every day since I was nine. Could doing this often lead to sterility?” asked a young man to Dr. Margarita Holmes, 25 years ago. What could letters on sexuality and love written 25 years ago mean today? It turns out that when it comes to sex and relationships, time is irrelevant.

Dr. Holmes celebrates the 25th year publication of her most controversial book with updated topics and a new chapter on “Life Love Lust in the Twenty-first Century,” which reflects on the many problems people face nowadays. Originally published in 1990, Life, Love, Lust—or LLL, as Dr. Holmes calls the book, is a collection of letters written by ardent readers over the years. With its varied topics on sex and relationships—male and female sexual concerns, pre-marital sex, extra-marital sex, homosexuality, HIV, etc.—the book was denounced as a threat to decency and morality. Despite the condemnation by many, there are also those that supported and even celebrated the book as a breakthrough in opening and enlightening the often hushed topic of sex.

Twenty five years later, LLL continues to provide “straightforward answers to provocative questions.” One only needs to ask, and Dr. Holmes will answer.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER Clinical psychologist Margarita Go Singco-Holmes, PhD is the author of eighteen books and contributor to two textbooks in the US, one on cognitive psychology and another on human sexuality. Currently a columnist for Rappler, Abante, and Abante Tonight, she is also a sought-after lecturer for government organizations, NGOs, schools, and corporations both here and abroad.


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