This film explores the relationship of a mother and daughter who suffered grief due to the father’s death. It conveys how they were able to overcome their grief and also mend the indifference that eventually occurred between them.

Acceptance is the hardest challenge for the mother, but with the daughter’s continuous efforts of reaching out to her, she was able to accept her life without her husband and recognize the efforts made by her child.

The author desires to question the existence of stability, belongingness, and security in a family and to pin point the notion posed on family roles and obligations.

Family as the major source of security and belongingness and its vitality to an individual’s needs are two of the messages the filmmaker wants to connect in this film.

The film is an attempt to bring about a realization, that we, as part of a certain family structure have roles and obligations to be carried out for the development of each member.

It uses semiotics and relational dialectics as the theories to convey how the lansungan became a representation of a broken relationship that got mended through time and efforts.

Besabe, M.A.M. (2010). Lansungan, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines, Diliman.

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Subject Index: parenthood, Grief, Families in motion pictures, Belonging (Social Psychology), Stability