”Kasamyento” is about Clara, a court stenographer, and Rafael, a young man who is having his marriage annulled. The two form a transitory but meaningful friendship beyond the halls of the court as both of them go through very different trials in life.

The film deals with the notion of “law”, as it “operates” in the social realities of marriage, annulment and love. But “Kasamyento”, instead of being defined and restricted by the rules of the love story, explores love beyond romantic love and the love triangle formulas. The film uses a legal framework (Family Code of the Philippines or Executive Order 209) in conjunction with a reworking and engagement of the romance genre and the conventional expectations this genre cues. “Kasamyento”, is a brave attempt to feature courtroom drama and love story combined. It discerns the capacity of new breeds to tackle the most important issues in Filipino society. It permits a different view on the courtroom which is often misrepresented in other media. The love story of a stenographer and an estranged husband comes as a fresh perspective that exists in the contemporary setting, where the law of marriage and annulment in the Philippines is presented in its most truthful sense.

Key Words: Family Code, Marriage

Subject Index : Marriage—Annulment

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