Isktreaming ("isko/a" + "streaming") is a media streaming service facilitated by the DILC through the computer network run by the UPCC. Through this service, lectures, symposia, important events at UP Diliman can be streamed to the Internet in real time or "on demand."


  • Contents and signal sources come from content providers (UPD faculty, departments or colleges).
  • Content providers are encouraged to "peer review" their contents for quality, appropriateness and relevance to the UP community and to the larger public.
  • A content provider shall ensure the technical quality of the audio stream either by directly handling the connection between the signal source and the streaming server or by delegating the task to the college IT officer who shall ensure the same.
  • A content provider shall provide the DILC (at least a week in advance) with the schedule of the live media streaming event that can be publicized at least through the DILC website.
  • To help ensure a successful isktreaming, a content provider is encouraged to facilitate at least 2 successful technical rehearsals prior to the actual event.
  • The DILC shall inform the content provider of the technical information necessary to run the live streaming.
  • The DILC reserves the right to bar connection deemed inappropriate or done by unauthorized parties.

How to run a signal source

A signal source is the source of the live stream to be fed into the streaming server that client players (like iTunes, Windows Media Player, Real Player) can access from the Internet.

For Windows Users

  • Download and install Winamp
  • Open Winamp and go to Preferences to ensure you have the following settings:
     DSP Effect/Plugin: NullSoft SHOUTcast Source DSP v1.9.0 dsp_sc.dll
     Server: [Port and Password to be provided by the DILC] 
     Encoder Tab
        Type MP3 Encoder
        48kbps (24kbps if speech only), 22kHz mono

For Mac Users

  • Install and Run Nicecast
  • Press Command 2 or go to Window|Show Server
  • Click on "+" to add server and type in "Isktreaming" (Name), choose "Shoutcast" (Server Type), type in the password and port number supplied by DILC and "" (Address)
  • Go to Window|Nicecast Broadcast, click on "Source" and choose your audio source, click on "Info" and type in appropriate data, click on "Quality" and choose 48 kbps or 24 kbps if speech only (Bitrate), 22kHz (Sample Rate), mono (Channels)
  • Press "Start Broadcast"

How to listen to Isktreaming

Method 1:

  • Go to the DILC's iskTreaming website:
  • Click on the icon of your favorite media player. The appropriate icon should correspond to the Channel or live stream you intend to listen to.

Note: MS Windows users may encounter errors if their default player is Windows Media Player. Suggestion: change default player to WinAmp, VLC, iTunes.

Method 2:

  • To listen to audio stream on Channel 1 (DZUP), point your browser to (To listen to Channel 3, point to
  • Click on Listen and find a downloaded playlist in your downloaded files folder.
  • CLick on the playlist and your music player should be able to run it.

Method 3:

  • To listen to audio stream on Channel 1 (DZUP), open your music player (VLC recommended).
  • Click on File | Open Network (or some equivalent on your music player).
  • Click on http and type in and press OK. (Other isktreaming channels: To listen to Channel 3, point to

Tips on a successful Isktreaming

For webcasters or content providers

  • Plan ahead.
  • Make sure that the venue (where the signal emanates) is connected to the Internet.
  • Find out if the computer encoding the signal is virus-free and has enough memory to process the signal efficiently and maintain connection with the streaming server.
  • Test, test, test. Nothing prepares you better than testing.

For listeners

  • If your favorite music player has difficulties playing the isktreaming audio signal, try VLC and manually configure the settings for network connection. See Method 2 under How to listen to Isktreaming above.