International Club of UP

The International Club of the University of the Philippines, or more commonly known as ICUP, was founded on October 24, 1956 by a group of foreign students in UP Diliman. It is a duly-recognized student organization of UP Diliman, without political or religious ties, dedicated to the promotion of international cultural awareness and understanding. As such, it regularly organizes events and activities for this purpose, the most well-known of which is the annual Kalye Kultura cultural fair. ICUP is also a Core Organization and Founding Member of the Alliance of International Student Organizations Philippines (AISO-PHIL).


The International Club of UP sprang from the shared vision of a group of foreign students in the troubled 50’s. This vision eventually led to the recognition of ICUP as an official organization on October 24, 1956 – the same day when the UN charter was signed to pave the way for world peace in the post war era.

Since then ICUP has resonated with the changes in the times. It served as a bastion of peace rallies and idealism during the 50’s and 60’s. Though it was silent in the 1970’s in the light of the Martial Law regime, its activities continued to uphold its vision of intercultural understanding in the midst of local turmoil.

The 1980’s saw ICUP engaging in activities that celebrated world cultures and raised funds for international organizations like UNICEF and the Red Cross. In 1985, ICUP was hailed as the Most Outstanding Student Organization in UP after singlehandedly reviving the UP Fair.

The 1990’s was a time for shaky restructuring in ICUP. With the renovation of the organization's tambayan came the move for an introspection and reevaluation of the club’s purpose and vision.

In 1993, the club joined other concerned organizations to form the UP Environmental Assembly (UPEA). It also became a founding member of the now defunct United International Students’ Association (UISA), an alliance of international student organizations from various universities around the world.

In 1995, in a bid for yet another big change, the club decided to shed off politically-tainted ties and focused on expanding its cultural experiences through interactive social activities.

The end of the 1990’s saw yet another restructuring process in ICUP. With the country’s troubles in the political arena and public safety issues came the slow but steady decline of foreign students. Fortunately, ICUP was able to recover by realizing that with or without foreign students, it is still an organization that is dedicated to the promotion of international awareness and goodwill, and the appreciation and love for global culture.

In 2011, ICUP, together with ASEC from the Ateneo De Manila University and UNISTO from De La Salle University Manila, co-founded the Alliance of International Student Organizations Philippines (AISO-PHIL). In order to achieve their common goal of cultural awareness and understanding, these three organizations have decided to become allies in fulfilling the enormous task ahead of them. The Alliance is set to be officially inaugurated in July 2012, with ICUP as one of its leaders.

In its 56 years of existence, it has served as a family for its members, friends and visitors. It has ceaselessly sought to create numerous venues in which various cultures and nationalities can meet and in which the same cultures can be celebrated. In the years to come, ICUP will be guided by the legacies of its past and the vision of its future, both founded in the relationships between its alumni, members, friends and acquaintances that serve as ultimate proof of how responsible social interaction can transcend cultural barriers.


For A.Y. 2012-2013

Laureen Lioanag

Vice President for External Affairs
Sahara Pourkaramy Lighvan

Vice President for Internal Affairs
Ma. Roxanne Feliciano

Finance Head
Dona Quia Mengote

Marie France Obispo

Membership Committee Head
Karen Ybanez

International Guidance and Assistance Program (IGAP) Head
Faith Anne Cebrian

ICUP Representative to AISO-PHIL
Pamela Toh


As of A.Y. 2012-2013, the official member roster of ICUP is as follows:

Notable Alumni


The International Club of UP promotes international awareness and understanding through a range of social, cultural and academic activities, where students can come together to celebrate different cultures. Some of these activities are:

  • Kalye Kultura

An annual cultural fair hosted by ICUP with booths and performances from different cultural and regional organizations

  • Walking Tours

Guided tours of beautiful and historic sights around Metro Manila and neighboring areas

  • Friday Afternoon Tea

Internal event held on certain Friday afternoons after classes for the members and international students to get to know each other better

  • Movie Marathon/Film Showing

A showcase of films of different genres and origins around the world

  • Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE)

A chance to learn about different cultures around the world from speakers invited by ICUP

  • Application Drives

ICUP invites students interested in joining the organization

  • ICUP Help Desk

A special service offered to international students of UP in need of help with matters regarding their stay in the University

  • International Cuisine Exploration (ICE)

Food trips and casual dinners in restaurants with various international cuisine

  • Team Building Activities

Games and other activities to promote goodwill, teamwork and leadership in the organization

  • World Whiz Trivia Quiz (WWTQ)

A quiz bee featuring questions about international culture, history and current events, with various prizes to be won

  • World Watch

Members, applicants and other speakers are invited to discuss different countries' cultures and current events

Join Us

The International Club of UP accepts both local and foreign students of the University of the Philippines. Application Drives are conducted once every regular semester. For more information about Application Drives, please contact the organization through the contact details in the following section.

Applicants must be willing to participate in the organization's activities and projects, and must be open to all cultures. Other application requirements include:

  • Application Fee
  • Application Form
  • Form 5 Photocopy or Scanned Copy
  • 1x1 ID Picture
  • Participation in ICUP Events and Activities
  • Formal Interview
  • Talents' Night and Induction

Contact Us

  • ICUP's Facebook Page
  • Email ICUP at:
  • The ICUP Tambayan is currently located at: Rm. 210 Vinzons Hall, Academic Oval, UP Diliman