Interdependent Student Centered Activism


The call to leadership entails an enduring commitment which resonates even in the simplest acts of serving-- this is the thrust of the UP CMC Interdependent Student-Centered Activism (ISA). Constantly challenging individuals to go beyond themselves through the four pillars of volunteerism, development through self-expression, open-minded yet principled leadership, and the belief in alternative activism, it is ISA’s mandate to mold driven and passionate individuals whose desire to spark social change transcends beyond the four walls of the classroom.


Established in 2007, ISA continues to holistically serve the college and our nation through spearheading different projects and forwarding significant advocacies. One of ISA’s flagship project is Advocascene, where the organization presents different advocacy groups in order for students to realize that the advocacies that are central to them can act as a catalyst for them to serve in a compelling manner. Aside from this, Project Embrace, ISA’s yearly campaign to promote a culture of acceptance in and outside of the campus has managed to significantly show the community that recognizing differences is a key factor in not only accepting oneself, but accepting other people as well. The organization also carries out projects for other advocacies such as environmental protection through tree planting activities, coastal clean-up, and partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to bring the Earth Hour to Diliman. However, despite the myriad of advocacies that ISA constantly pushes for, the organization does not deviate from its responsibility to actively analyze and come up with concrete solutions to remedy the pressing issues which bind the Filipino people.

ISA also believes that big things start with the initiative to change the seemingly minute things. As such, the organization conducts fund raising activities to benefit the CMC community by providing wi-fi boosters, wall clocks, umbrella racks, segregation bins, and monobloc chairs. It has become tradition for ISA to donate items like these for the improvement of the college.


Executive Committee AY 2014-2015

President: Denise Layla P. Miram

Secretary-General: Jennifer Corazon D.L. Cabildo

Vice President for External Affairs: Gabriel E. Abeleda

Vice President for Finance and Marketing: Yasmeen Ingrid L. Lim

Vice President for Internal Affairs: Hannah Ysobel M. Palima

Vice President for Political Affairs: Manuel Benjamin IV R. San Mateo

Vice President for Publicity, Promotions, and Documentation: Cleverlyn C. Mayuga

Contact Information

Facebook page:

Twitter: @upcmcisa



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