Indayog ng NayatamaK

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Indayog ng nayatamaK


Inequality. A word that encompasses many facets of society.

The film is a visual interpretation of the said matter. It deals with the issue of inequity which the society has been tolerating for a long time. It forces us to take a glimpse at the reality we are bound with; the existence of superiority and inferiority in our midst. At the same time, it makes apparent Stalin’s “in order to create, you have to destroy” mindset that the way to gain power is to defeat the reigning one.

Rex, representing the supreme party, is now on the verge of destruction as his emotional instability and frustrations lead him to create a piece of artwork; the ballerina. The struggle between the two characters is channeled through the paintbrush and as Rex sees his artwork taking control over him, tries to fight back. It takes into account the struggle the society faces each time an inferior party opposes the norms and questions the existing standards.

At the end, it will be up to the society to choose, will it let the superior party maintain its control, or will it let the powerful falter thus giving rise to another dominant?

Key Words: Power Struggle, Inequality, Dance Film

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