Huli alix

Title: Huli

A film by Alix Danielle Duplito


Duplito, A. I. (2017). Huli, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Huli follows the story of Ena, an upper middle class gamer girl, who tries to make sense of what happened to her best friend, Abel, after he goes missing. As she pieces together what happened in the form of a video game in her mind, she tries to figure out how Markus, an acquaintance, and her cousin, Sebastian, fit into Abel’s disappearance.

The film is a commentary on the Duterte administration’s methods in handling the drug issue in the Philippines. Its message centers on how buy-bust operations are flawed and susceptible to corruption.

Keywords: Video Games, Disappearance, Buy-Bust

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