How to configure CSSP mail client

CSSP Computer Lab offers email service ( that can be accessed using a browser like Firefox or a mail client like Thunderbird. Below is configuration information on the mail client set-up.


1. Open Thunderbird if it's already installed. If not, download Thunderbird or another compatible mail client.

2. Click on File | New | Account... and type in

3. Select IMAP as your type of incoming server

4. Set your Server Settings to the ff:

    Server Name:
    Port: 993
    Security Settings: SSL
    User Name: <your kssp mail login name>

5. Set your Outgoing Server (SMTP) to the ff:

     (if inside Dilnet)
     Server Name:
     Port: 25
     Secure Connection: TLS (if available)
    If outside Dilnet, use your ISP's smtp server. Call your ISP if you don't know what it is. An alternative is to use a commercial webmail's smtp server such as Gmail's

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