How to Create a Site

Create a Site on Pages.UPD

1. Go to Pages.UPD site
2. You can access the site using your UPD webmail account (tagged by UPCC as "faculty").
3. Once you've logged in, click the CREATE image for site creation.
Pages homepage in.png

Top Navigation

4. Home Icon - This icon redirects to homepage
5. Help - This link helps the user for various topics on how to use Pages.UPD
6 Profile - The user can view or edit his/her account details
7. Logout
8. Hide/Show Navigation

Site Configuration

9. URL - You can set your site's URL.
10. Type of Site- There are three type of site to choose from:

  • Personal Site - Used for personal sites only (portfolio, bibliography, CVs)
  • Project Site - Used for project sites consisting of project members
  • Department Site - Used for Academic and Administrative sites

11. Site Visibility - You can set the visibility options of your site.
12. Click Create your site button and start on your Site!

Pages createsite.png

Note: There must be a notification that your site is created. Click Go there to view your website.
Pages createsuccess.png

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