Using the Google Maps plugin you can now add map in your articles.

<googlemap lat="xx.xx" lon="yy.yy" zoom="x" type="value" width="xx" height ="xx">
xx,yy , Some text here.

Tag Attributes

This extension defines a <googlemap> tag. Legal attributes are:

  • width (in pixels; defaults to 450)
  • height (in pixels; defaults to 300)
  • lat (the center latitude on the map,)
  • lon (the center longitude on the map)
  • zoom (the zoom level; 0 is the furthest away, 17 is the closest in)
  • type (legal values are normal (or, equivalently, map), terrain (new in 0.9.0), hybrid, and satellite; defaults to hybrid)
  • controls (small creates +/- zoom buttons, medium has zoom buttons and pan buttons, large has pan buttons with a sliding scale for zoom, and none has no buttons)
  • selector (show the map/hybrid/satellite selector? Legal values are yes (default) and no.)
  • scale (show the distance scale? Legal values are yes and no (default).)
  • overview (show the inset navigation map? Legal values are yes and no (default).)
  • icons (URL template for custom markers, with "{label}" where the name of the icon will be inserted; defaults to "{label}.png")
  • icon (URL for markers without an icon specified; defaults to marker.png)
  • doubleclick new in 0.7.6 (what to do when the user double-clicks? legal values are recenter (default) and zoom)
  • zoomstyle new in 0.7.6 (legal values are fast (default) and smooth, also known as continuous zooming; only works in some browsers)
  • stroke new in 0.8.0 (width of paths, in pixels)
  • version new in 0.9.0 (specifies syntax version, see below; legal values are "0" (default) and "0.9")
  • scrollwheel new in 0.9.0 (define scroll wheel behavior; nothing (default) or zoom)

All attributes are optional.
Latitude and Longitude determines the center of the map to display. The default coordinates are 14.655216, 121.068091, which points the location of the University of the Philippines.


<googlemap zoom="16" type="sattelite">
14.654849751967735, 121.06487542390823, The place to be!

The map shows where Oble is.
<googlemap zoom="16" type="sattelite"> 14.654849751967735, 121.06487542390823, The place to be! </googlemap>