Handa Na Ba You(th)?: Evaluation of MMDA's 2015 Earthquake Preparedness Campaign based on Metro Manila Youth's Participation

Sison, M.C. & Tahimic, C. (2016). Handa Na Ba You(th)?: Evaluation of MMDA’s 2015 Earthquake Preparedness Campaign Based on Metro Manila Youth’s Participation, Unpublished Research Paper, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

This research employed a theory-based evaluation of the Metro Manila Development Authority’s 2015 earthquake preparedness campaign and looked into the relationships between Metro Manila youth’s exposure, knowledge, attitudes, actual campaign participation, and intention to participate in future earthquake preparedness activities. The study was anchored on three theoretical premises, namely Hornik & Yanovitzky’s Campaign Evaluation Model, Ajzen & Fishbein’s Theory of Reasoned Action, and Roger Hart’s Ladder of Participation Model. The study found that Metro Manila youth are equipped with knowledge on earthquake preparedness but expressed the need for interactive and experiential information. They have positive attitudes toward earthquake preparation and medium levels of campaign participation. Looking at participation, MMDA’s 2015 earthquake preparedness campaign was considered effective due to correlations found across Metro Manila youth’s actual earthquake preparedness knowledge, overall exposure, and overall attitude despite low exposure to the campaign. Results also showed that they have high level of intention to participate in future earthquake preparedness activities, emphasizing on “assigned but informed” level of participation. Attitude has the highest influence in the youth’s participation level and intent to participate, therefore campaigns must ensure that earthquake preparation is accessible, strong, and has a positive direction.

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