From Live To Online Audience: Factors That Led to the Uploading of Fan Concert Videos on Social Media

San Pedro, A.M.A. (2016). From Live to Online Audience: Factors That Led to the Uploading of Fan Concert Videos on Social Media. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines Diliman.


The Philippines has recently been witness to a number of music artists from the local and international scene performing concerts in different parts of the country. With the technological advantages available today, those who were not able to watch the concerts live gain access to a secondhand experience by watching the uploaded fan videos of the concertgoers. This phenomena changes the landscape of concert going in such a way that the online audience, though not physically at the concert, get the impression of also being there through the uploaded fan videos.

This exploratory study aimed to identify the factors that led to the uploading of fan videos on social media, by using Glaser and Strauss' Grounded Theory and Hall's Circuit of Culture and as bases to analyze and make sense of the data. Through the Reflexive Dyadic Method, focus interviews were conducted with fans that attended the One Direction On The Road Again Tour concert here in Manila in March 21 and/or 22, 2015.

Through the interviews, the researcher was able to identify factors that emerged from the data. These factors are namely: the power struggle between fan and the producer, the illusion of experience and remembrance and the normalization brought about by technology.

At the end of the day, fan videos are instruments of fandom that can be interpreted and used by anyone in many ways.

Keywords: Concerts, fan studies, social media, Grounded Theory, Circuit of Culture

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