Fin - Indie Band from UP Diliman
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Band members

Fitz Edward Bitana (Vocals)
Fritz Carlo Rosal (Right guitar/Back-up vocals/effects)
Jethro Ondangan (Left guitar)
Alwin Fernandez (Drummer)
Ian Ondangan (Bassist)


Punk/ Post Hardcore


Indie band


FIN is a post hardcore band from University of the Philippines, Diliman, formed in June 2011.Fin plays music in the vein of Glassjaw, At the drive-in, Thursday, Lifetime, Toe, Deftones, Misery Signals, It Prevails and Comeback kid. The band are composed of youths aged 18 to 19.

They decided to form at this young age to share and learn about the different arts and disciplines of music with their different influences. Every opportunity is a step to explore and to enjoy their youth life in the world of music Industry. It’s not a work/ journey of one but of an ensemble, not for the fame but to satisfy every one’s fetishes in music. Fin’s music invites you to listen not for the loudness of it or the thinnest scratch of every influence they had but it is how the creativity, arts and effort invest to every performance/songs that they are doing.

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