Fernandez, Mary Angeline

AlDub Nation in an Online Nation: An Audience Study on the Fan Culture in Online Media

Fernandez, M.A.(2016). AlDub Nation In An Online Nation: An Audience Study on the Fan Culture in Online Media. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

The popularity of AlDub love team and the great number of its fans in online media had presented an interest on how the fans derive pleasure in watching Eat Bulaga’s Kalye Serye segment, and how they use online media as their expression of fandom. This study used the theories of Cultural Economy of Fandom by John Fiske, Uses and Gratifications by by Elihu Katz, Jay G. Blumler and Michael Gurevitch, and Participatory Culture by Henry Jenkins to conduct a quantitative research with survey as a method. This study was conducted through the use of online survey to 314 respondents as sample. Purposive sampling technique was used by posting the link to the online survey to different Facebook fan groups. After analyzing the results of the online survey, the researcher found out that the respondents sought entertainment as the primary motive in watching Kalye Serye and Internet was more chosen over television by the respondents in satisfying their needs. Their usage of social media depended on their need to be connected to their object of fandom. The researcher recommends a qualitative method of study to future researchers to have an in-depth perception and analysis of the results of the same subject of study.

Keywords: Fandom, Kalye Serye, Uses and Gratifications, AlDub

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