Fernandez, Albina P.

Dr. Albina P. Fernandez is currently a Professorial Lecturer in the Department of Filipino and Philippine Literature, College of Arts and Letters of this very university. Here, she completed her courses of BA English, MA Asian Studies, Masters in Industrial Relations, and PhD Araling Pilipino. She specializes in literature, women studies, Philippine studies, and Rizal studies. She has contributed much to Women’s Studies in the university, having been instrumental in the founding of the Women and Development Graduate Program, the Women Center of the College of Social Work and Community Development, and the Center for Women’s Studies. She also served in the Coordinating Committee of the CWS after its establishment. She has received multiple awards, including the Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Faculty Extension Work in 1995, Gawad Pagkilala para sa Araling Rizal ng DFPP in 1996, and the National Centennial Commission-Women’s Sector Tagahabi ng Kasaysayan Award in 1999. She was also awarded the Oscar Cariño Chair for Literature in 1995 for her works on Pampango ang folk literature.

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