Band members

Carlos Jesena- Guitar
E.K. Santamaria- Bass
Serge Gabriel- Drums/Percs
Angelo Ampil - Flute
Julio Del Prado - Drums/Percs
Rafael Mirafuente - Saxophone


jazz- punk


Extrapolation started out as just one of those things way back in 2006 with 3 high school sophomores- Carlos Jesena (guitar), Enrique Santamaria (bass), and Serge Gabriel (drums, percussion)- who, now that we think about it, didn’t really have that much in common save for their singular love for music. Starting life as a funk-rock band with a permanent vocalist, the group played but one show before deciding to call the whole the thing off and drop the whole rock shtick. Without a soloist and still imbued with a burning desire to make music together, the original trio revamped Extrapolation into the band we know today, a jazz-funk act with a fondness for hip-hop and EDM.

Paying their dues in various locales around the metro, the trio went on to make the successful transition from high school to college with the addition of Angelo Ampil (flute), Julio Del Prado (drums) and Rafael Mirafuente (saxophone) as well as a string of successful collaborations with various mainstay vocalists such as Isabella Velasquez, Michael Shimamoto, June Marieezy, and Zia Quizon.

Extrapolation, with its eclectic repertoire of reimagined jazz classics and original compositions, is out to jazz, funk, and punk it up the best way we know how: on stage with all we’ve got.

Contact Details

  • Carlos Jesena (Carlos)


  • Rafael Mirafuente (Raf)

Rafael: 09158784422