Exchanges an analysis

Umali, J. R. (2013). Exchanges: An Analysis of GMA News Online’s Eleksyon 2013 Coverage Using Public Journalism Concepts and Values. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines, College of Mass Communication.

This research analyzes the May 13 national elections coverage of GMA News Online, Eleksyon 2013, using concepts and values found in public journalism. These concepts and values were expressed by Edmund Lambeth, Lewis Friedland and David Merritt. Thirty-seven news articles and two Google+ Hangout discussions published and conducted on Election Day were subjected to both quantitative and qualitative analysis, specifically, content and textual analyses. The content analysis method was used to provide a systematic ground for the textual analysis method, wherein news article and discussion samples were subjected to examination vis-à-vis public journalism concepts and values. To provide a theoretical ground for the study, Levels of Corporate Culture, Horizontal Structure of Organization and Selective Gatekeeping Theory were used to create an operational framework that shows how a newsroom’s values, in this case, GMA News Online, can influence the way they produce news and do their work as journalists. This study shows that many important aspects of GMA News Online’s Eleksyon 2013 coverage contained substantial expressions of public journalism concepts and values even if GMA News Online does not openly identify itself as a public journalism organization. It also presents how meaningful exchanges that pointed to discussion of solutions to problems between citizens, journalists and experts were conducted in the coverage.

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