DUAY-YA tells the story of Jena, a struggling woman who decides to go back to her hometown to settle matters with her Aunt Lora regarding the transferring of the title of their house. Her cousin Mae tries to connect with her but always end up being pushed away. Jena goes outside the house and starts to roam around. She reminisce her childhood memories. When she comes back, she sees that Mae is playing her old toy. She goes to the basement and sees her family’s old belongings and what follows is a journey of remembering all the bittersweet memories she had with her family and on how she grew up without realizing how much she loses everything back there.

The film is about accepting changes and, at the same time, following the protagonist’s struggle as she takes a step from being in denial of her situation into finally having the courage to face it. The psychoanalytic theory of personality is represented throughout the film. The protagonist herself represents the id, ego and superego. Her desire to put things back creates a frustration inside her as she reminisces her childhood memories. She will always be in conflict with her feelings unless she will decide on her own terms on how to accept her situation and act based upon the right thing to do in trying to meet the societal standards as she tries to be a person capable of moving on from the past and accepting what is ahead of her.

Agsunod, A.J (2016). Duay-ya. Unpublished Graduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Keywords: Family, Adolescence, Childhood, Memories

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