Documentation of the Rizal Conference

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Day 1
Category Speaker Topic Listen Read
Welcome Remarks Chancellor Caesar Saloma Podcast
Conference Address President Alfredo E. Pascual Podcast
Musical Number The Singing Ambassadors
Keynote Speech Lucien Spittael Podcast
Conference Orientation Dr. Crisanta Flores Podcast
Plenary Speakers Syed Farid Alatas Podcast
Ambeth Ocampo podcast
European Perspective Igor Podberezsky Rizal Studies in Russia Podcast
Vasco Caini Notes in Translating Nolit Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo Podcast
Isaac Donoso Jimenez Critical Education Edition of Rizal's Novels Podcast
Asian Perspective (1a) Rodney C. Jubilado Dr. Jose Rizal from the Malaysian Perspective. A Discourse Analysis Podcast
Rommel Curaming Podcast
John Nery Podcast
Rizal and History (1d) Francis Gealogo Rizal and the Nationalist Imaginings of Religious Heroism in the Early Aglipayan Text Podcast
Augusto De Viana Jose Rizal and the Dominican Connection Podcast
Rene Escalante Rizal and the Rise & Fall of the Philippine Sugar Industry in 1861 to 1891 Podcast
Nationalism and Transnationalism (2a) Reuel Seno Podcast
Milagros Guerrero Podcast
Rizal's Life and Works (1c) Albina Fernandez The Uses of the Hero in the Advocacy of Nationalism Podcast
Faina Ulindang The Philippines Within a Century and the Indolence of the Filipino Along a Post- Modernist Interpretation of the 21st Century Historiography Podcast
Jose Arcilla Personal Correspondences Between Blumentritt and Rizal Podcast
Rizal: Race, Ethnology, Ethnicity (2b) Jose Rhommel Hernandez Si Rizal at Ang Pagbubuo ng Kaalamang Bayan Podcast
Danim Majerano Si Rizal Bilang Sentro at Inspirasyon ng Hulagway ng Mutya Podcast
Joan Tara Reyes Jose Rizal at Isabelo Delos Reyes: Silang Mga Nauna sa Pag-aaral ng Sinauna Podcast
Education and Emancipation (2c) Herman Bognot Ang Pinakamalaking Pagkakamali ni Dr. Jose Rizal Podcast
Ramon Guillermo Ang Salaming Bibingka na sa Panglabas na Esensya ng mga Bagay Podcast
Adelaida Mayo Rizal in Home Economics. Home Economics in Rizal Podcast
Day 2
Plenary Speakers Yoshiko Nagano Podcast
Beatriz Alvarez- Tardio Podcast
Zeus Salazar Podcast
Epifanio San Juan Podcast
Rizal and Philippine Studies (3a) Perseville Mendoza The Place of Pilosopong Tasyo in a Globalized Philippine Society. Framing a Contemporary Filipino Philosophy Podcast
Michael Tan Podcast
Aurora Roxas - Lim Podcast
Rizal and Philippine Studies (3B) Arnold Azurin Re-Evaluating Rizal Without Veneration/ Mystification Podcast
Rosalina Mendigo When Jose Rizal Came Up to Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines Podcast
Rizal and Science (3c) Perry Ong On Rizal: He is a Darwinist But He Is No Darwin Podcast
Paolo Reyes Jose Rizal as Science Fictionist : Science in El Filibusterismo Podcast
Balintawak Sison - Gareza Rizal : The Physician Podcast
Rizal as Cultural Text (4a) Brandon Reilly Podcast
Wennielyn Fajilan Podcast
Marian Pastor Roces Podcast
Lilimay Manalo - Castor Jose Riza- Rizal Park : Isang Pagtalakay sa Liwasan Podcast
Rommel Rodriguez Ang Anti-Herong Imahe ni Rizal Podcast
Victoria Apuan Rizal Monuments Podcast
Rizal: Spectacles, Celebrations
 Events (4c)
Arleigh Dela Cruz The Rizal Day Anniversary under the Nippon Flag, 1942-1944 Podcast
Prof. Cecile C. Fadrigon The Celebration of Rizal Day during the Early American Period 1901-1010 Podcast
Jose Jaime Enage Tilamsik ng Liwanag ni Jose Rizal sa ika-21 Siglo: Rizal@150 Commemorative Bank Note Podcast
Day 3
Plenary Speakers Floro Quibuyen Lies My Teacher Told Me Podcast
Vivencio Jose Rizal's Praxis in Re-Fashioning Filipino Culture and Constructing the Nation Podcast
Caroline Hau Podcast
Rizal: Language and Literature (5a) Wynstan Dela Pena Images of Rizal in Philippine Poetry and Spanish Podcast
Yoli Soliveres Podcast
Roli Talampas Mga Sasakyang Pandagat na Sinakyan ni Rizal Podcast
Nilo Ocampo Pagbasa at Pagbasag Podcast
Aris Atienza Pagbasag sa Pagbasa, Pagbasa sa Pagbasag Podcast
Rizal: Media and the Arts (5C) Patrick F. Campos Rizal at the Movies: Adaptation Criticism as Metacriticism Podcast
Felipe Jocano Jr. Rizal The Eskrimador Podcast
Teaching Rizal Course (6A) Melania Abad Podcast
Joseph Dela Cruz Paggamit ng Process Drama sa Pagtuturo ng El Filibusterismo sa High School Podcast
Zenaida Reyes Content and Pedagogy in Teaching Rizal Podcast
Globalization and Internationalization (6B) Teodoro Maranan Jose Rizal, The International Tourist Podcast
Veronica Caparas Podcast
Agerico De Villa Podcast
Rizal: Digital Age and Popular Culture (6C) Vladimeir Gonzales Si Rizal Bilang Meta-Text Podcast
Roland Tolentino Si Rizal, ang Fliptop at ang Diskurso ng Politika Podcast
Rizalistas (Kapatiran) (7A) Michael Charlston "Xiao" Chua Rizalistas Podcast
Carmen Maglambayan Kapatirang Kaamaamahan Kainainahan Podcast
Paz Castillo Raro Jesus Nazareno Jove Rex Al (Prayer Partner Movement International Inc.) Podcast
Migration and Diaspora (7B) Filomeno Aguilar Jr. Life and Works of Rizal: Filibusterismo Podcast
Francis Kristoffer L. Pasion Template for the 21st Century Filipino Diaspora Podcast
Vim Emmanuel C. Nadera Have No Fear, Rizal Was Here Podcast
Rizal: Philippine Revolution and Social Movements (7C) Consolacion Alaras The 2011 Middle East-Europe, Rizal, Blumentritt, Pamathalaan Academy Podcast
Marlon Delupio Si Rizal at aang Sakdal Podcast
Mario Miclat Rizal's Theoretical Bases for Philippine Revolution and Independence Podcast
Cultural Night