Department of Anthropology

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The Department of Anthropology offers undergraduate and graduate courses in the five fields of anthropology: cultural and social anthropology, archaeology, biological anthropology, linguistic anthropology, and anthropological theory. The courses are designed to help students understand human biological and cultural diversity and the forces that shape cultural evolution and social change.


  • Eufracio C. Abaya, PhD

Associate Professor Medical Anthropology, Folklore, Culture and Personality, Anthropological Theories Geographical Areas: Zambales, Cagayan, Ilocos

Associate Professor and Chairman, Department of Anthropology Political Anthropology, Archaeology, Social Anthropology Geographical Areas: Cordillera, Batanes, Mindoro, Muslim Mindanao

  • Soledad M. Dalisay, PhD

Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator, Department of Anthropology Medical Anthropology, Gender, Sexuality & Culture, Human Biology; Nutritional Anthropology Geographical Areas: Iloilo, Batangas, Southeast Asia

  • Francisco A. Datar, PhD

Professor Nutritional Anthropology, Osteology, Human Evolution Geographical Areas: Sorsogon, Batanes, Cordillera

Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Department of Anthropology Culture and Personality, Religious System, Community Studies, Culture Change, Language and Culture Geographical Areas: Urban Centers

  • Maria F. Mangahas, PhD

Associate Professor Ecological Anthropology, Museology, Maritime Anthropology Geographical Area: Batanes, Davao

Professor and Dean, College of Social Sciences and Philosophy Head, Medical Anthropology Section, Social Medicine Unit, University of the Philippines College of Medicine Medical Anthropology, Sexuality and Gender Studies, Anthropological Theories, Ethnicities Geographical Areas: Southeast and East Asia

  • Carlos Tatel Jr.

Assistant Professor Archaeology, Historical anthropology Geographical Areas: Southeast Asia


  • Mary Racelis

Professorial Lecturer Development Anthropology; Urban Anthropology

  • Wilfredo Ronquillo

Professorial Lecturer Archaeology

Academic Programs

Undergraduate program

The Department of Anthropology offers an undergraduate program that gives a student basic knowledge on four subdisciplines. The program is composed of 129 units and can be finished in four years. Aside from the lecture classes, the program includes a fieldwork that would encompass a whole semester.

Graduate Program

The Department of Anthropology also offers a master's degerr that is composed of a total of 30 units. This is composed of 24 units of coursework and 6 units of thesis which is required to be completed in 5 years.

Doctoral Program

Ph.D. in Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology offers a doctoral program that gives a person a great foundation in anthropology. It is composed of a total of 36 units that includes specialization classes aside from the core courses. The doctoral student must have a weighted average of 1.75 or higher to be able to qualify for the comprehensive examination. This program must be completed in 6 years.


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