Curriculum Committee


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  • Reviews programs proposed for institution by various colleges and schools including requirements for admission and graduation, which should be submitted to the Committee as a package, and makes appropriate recommendations to the Council;
  • Reviews all matters relating to the institution, modification, and abolition of courses or curricula of the various units of the University and makes recommendations to the Council.


The Committee is composed of representatives of the different colleges/units in the following clusters:

  • Cluster A: Arts and Letters
    • College of Arts & Letters
    • College of Fine Arts
    • College of Human Kinetics
    • College of Mass Communication
    • College of Music
  • Cluster B: Management and Economics Cluster
    • Asian Institute of Tourism
    • College of Business Administration
    • National College of Public Administration and Governance
    • School of Economics
    • School of Labor and Industrial Relations
    • School of Urban and Regional Planning
    • Technology Management Center
  • Cluster C: Science and Technology Cluster
    • College of Architecture
    • College of Engineering
    • College of Home Economics
    • College of Science
    • Institute of Library and Information Science
    • School of Statistics
    • Archaeological Studies Program
  • Cluster D: Social Sciences and Law Cluster
    • Asian Center
    • College of Education
    • College of Law
    • College of Social Sciences and Philosophy
    • College of Social Work and Community Development
    • Institute of Islamic Studies
    • Center for International Studies

The representatives from the College of Mass Communication and the College of Home Economics may also sit in the Social Sciences
and Law Cluster.

The representative from UP Extension Program in Pampanga and Olongapo shall be assigned to the cluster s/he chooses based on her/his expertise of this unit shall be referred to the appropriate cluster(s). The same shall be true for proposals from the College of Home Economics.

Current Members: CC_COMPOSITION.pdf