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The Convergence of Philippine FM Broadcast Radio with the New Media


Viray, R.D. & Viray, T.B. (2014). The Convergence of Philippine FM Broadcast Radio with the New Media. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

This study describes how convergence with the Internet and the mobile phone modified or transformed FM broadcast radio in the Philippines. Previous studies have shown how digital convergence of FM broadcast radio changed the landscape with the emergence of a consumer-centered chain, device dependence, and the mobile applications. Organizational practices have also adapted to the evolving times by taking a consumer-driven and cost-efficient approach.

The study rests upon a framework involving several communication theories, namely: the Media Convergence Theory, along with the Political Economy Theory and the Four Laws of Media.

Findings of the study show that there has been an increase in audience reach with the fusion of FM broadcast radio with the Internet and the mobile phone. This convergence allowed FM radio to fit in the mobile lifestyle of the listeners. In addition, social media have become an avenue for feedback.

With respect to the FM radio industry, there have been partnerships among stations, enabling the sharing of goals and resources. There have also been changes in the listening experience of the listeners, wherein more activities can be done while listening, at the same time, by being simply alone.

Keywords: broadcasting, convergence, new media, political economy, radio

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