Consumer Engagement with the Facebook Pages of the Top Corporations in the Philippines

From Iskomunidad

Ochoa, K. T. (2015). Consumer engagement with the Facebook pages of the top corporations in the Philippines. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

From being part of traditional marketing, consumer engagement has now been present online specifically on social media. With the growth of social media these past years, corporations have utilized these sites for them to communicate and interact with their consumers. This study looks into consumer engagement on the Facebook pages of the top corporations in the Philippines. It seeks to determine how consumer engagement differs across these top corporations and their respective industries. Using the Engagement Pyramid and the Uses and Gratifications theory as the study framework, a content analysis of 1278 posts was done across the 20 Facebook pages of the top corporations. Findings showed there were corporations which were able to facilitate consumer engagement in all levels while there were also corporations which were in the early stages of using social media for engagement. Nonetheless, these top corporations have promising capacities in further enhancing their Facebook pages and in further increasing consumer engagement.

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