Company As a Citizen

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The Company As a Citizen: A Study on How Top Companies Manifest Corporate Citizenship, in Their Accomplishments of Philanthropy Through Their Corporate Foundations


Pineda, K. (2015). The Company as a Citizen, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

 This study presents how corporate foundations manifest the corporate citizenship of the companies they represent. Corporate Citizenship pertains to the relationship of businesses and the society. According to Carroll (1979), society expects businesses to fulfill four “faces” or responsibilities which are economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic in nature. 
 The study’s focus is on how one aspect of business responsibility i.e. the Philanthropic face is met by three companies, through their corporate foundations namely: Metrobank Foundation, One Meralco Foundation and ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation. 
 In the case of Metrobank, it is the desire to promote the culture of excellence and the need to give back to the community, which enabled its Foundation to establish various social programs that recognize and empower key members of society. With Meralco, it is the Filipino values of “malasakit” (concern) and “makabayan” (nationalism) that has allowed the organization to thrive in its endeavor of providing electricity and other forms of aid to communities where it operates. Meanwhile ABS-CBN uses its core strength, media broadcasting to raise awareness and connect people together. This has made it possible for its Foundation to conduct various programs in the areas of child care, environment and education. 
  The study was also able to find out the various means by which the Foundations publicize their corporate citizenship. It was seen that both traditional (i.e. television, radio and print) and new forms of media (i.e. corporate website, social media, etc.) are utilized by the Foundations to communicate to their internal and external stakeholders.

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