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Cinco, M. C., Silvestre, A. S. (2018). Coming Home: An Exploratory Study on the Relationship between Returnee OFW Parents and their Left-Behind Children during Reintegration, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication

This study examines how OFW families experience reintegration. The context, rituals, communication, relational contradictions, and caretaking dynamics that occur during reintegration were analyzed. Previous studies only focused on OFW families during separation, and the process of reintegration was not fully recognized.

Ten (10) returnee OFW parents and one of their left-behind children were interviewed separately about the experience of reintegration. To understand caretaking arrangements, the non-migrant caretaker identified by both returnee OFW parent and left-behind child was also interviewed. Results revealed that reintegration is a process of give and take, and in this process lies the management of underlying contradictions in the relationship as a result of the adjustment in terms of independence, differences in attitude, perspective, and thinking, and changes in household dynamics. Non-migrant caretakers also play a role in reintegration. The reintegration process tests the family’s resilience and adaptability to the changes brought about by reintegration. Understanding and acceptance are needed from both sides to come to a state of balance in the relationship.

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