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COLOSSAL is a feature-length experimental film that explores the complexities of grief and grieving as understood through the myth of a Man who ventures through shifting landscapes ruminating, “… Of men who do not die, of spirits caught in the hollows of trees, of love sheltered in the embrace of truth” (COLOSSAL, 2012).

The film makes use of the structures and systems of the Myth as dictated by the studies of Joseph Campbell. The adherence to these studies resonates in 1) the application of COLOSSAL as a myth in itself, 2) the depiction of love as passion and compassion akin to other ‘Mythologies of Love’, and 3) the incorporation of the archetypes of myth.

Alcazaren, J.M.C. (2012) COLOSSAL, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication

Keywords: Myth, Love

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