Bukas Mata

From Iskomunidad

Ten-year old Gabriel starts to hear ghosts at night. With the arrival of a new pet bird and Tita Sabel from the U.S., he tries to find connections between his ability and his mother, who was recently imprisoned doing social work in the remote farmlands. As he tries to find out more about his inherited third eye, he begins to realize that the search for the truth is much more complicated and winding than he thought and not as grounded in the supernatural as it seems.

Following the young son of a political prisoner, the taboo, elephant-in-the-room nature of his mother’s life and situation in a middle-class setting is shown through his eyes. As per the relation between mythology and psychoanalysis, the main character’s search for one’s self in the advent of the imprisonment of his mother includes a mythicization of their connection, in the form of a supposedly inherited third eye.

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