Breast Milk Is Best for Babies

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Clavecilla, M. S. J. (2018). Breastmilk Is Best for Babies, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication

This thesis is the story of Jasi, a curious 7-year old grade-schooler. She learns that her family isn’t as normal as it seems to be. She begins to question her grandparents about her mother and father. She searches for her biological parents as she gets sidetracked by Lola’s bad memory and Lolo’s incredible stories.

This film is guided by Jungian psychoanalysis theory. It is presented through the eyes of a child by animating images inspired by children’s drawings to convey disillusion and discovery.

Keywords: child abandonment, children's drawing, child's psyche, grandparent, family, resilience

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