Bounce Magazine Case Study: The Unsuccessful Entry of a College-Culture Magazine In the Youth Market

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This dissertation examines the key factors that contributed to the failure of Bounce Magazine, a one of a kind college-culture magazine, to penetrate in the youth publication market. In these days where many forms of media unconsciously shape and define the youth and their culture, Bounce came fresh into offering a new perspective of focusing to the diverse lifestyle of different college students across different universities. The author conducted a market survey among college students to determine the needs and wants of the market and to see if there is potential for a magazine with such positioning. A qualitative analysis, on the other hand was conducted to all issues of Bounce released in the market to identify the key messages of the content and its relevance to the students as the magazine‟s target consumers. The content analysis also identified if the contents of the magazine are the same with what the market prefers according to the conducted survey. Identifying students as a driving force of culture, the content analysis showed that Bounce has provided a common space for students to share the same passion in technology, the arts, entertainment & gimmicks, trends, career and campus while empowering them to reach for greater heights. The key messages of the articles and photos of the magazines are found to be strongly relevant to the concerns, interests, and lifestyle of the youth. With this paired with the market survey‟s positive response to this new kind of publication, Bounce‟s potential can not be undermine. However, the survey also showed that marketing strategies undertaken by October Eighty to promote Bounce was not enough to create buzz and a viral campaign.

Galang, K. (2010). Bounce Magazine Case Study: The Unsuccessful Entry of a College-Culture Magazine In the Youth Market, Unpublished Undergraduate Dissertation, University of the Philippines- Diliman

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Subject Index: Mass media and youth, Advertising and youth, Periodicals, Publications