Biyaheng Barkada: Exploring Group Communication Dynamics in Barkada Travel Planning

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This study had explored the group communication of barkada travel planning. Guided by the premise that group communication is never a linear process, the study utilized Poole's Model in Small Group Communication as the base framework. The model has directed the study in incorporating travel sub-decisions with group composition and relationships and conflict management in understanding the decision making process that groups undergo in planning for travels. Moreover, the study also used the context of barkada travel planning to argue that communication may be viewed not just as a transmission mechanism, but also as a ritual that creates social realities and brings people together in commonality. Results of the study showed varying influences of group composition and conflict management in deciding for the destination, activities, schedule, and mode of transportation of the travel plan. Results also showed significant influences of relationships in conflict management and planning participation and behavior. Furthermore, the study yielded concepts of rituals in barkadas and their role in creating the barkadas' identities that dictate the group's ways and approaches in travel planning.

Frivaldo, Desiree P. (2014). Biyaheng Barkada: Exploring Group Communication Dynamics in Barkada Travel Planning. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Keywords: travel planning, friendship, relationships, barkada, decision making, negotiation, communication as a ritual, ritualistic view of communication, barkada rituals''

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