Mariano, E.D.B. (2019). Bistek. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis. University of The Philippines College of Mass Communication. Bistek follows Marko, an 24 year old copywriter who is mourning the loss of his only family left, his mother, Grace. Marko, filled with regret, tries to save enough money in order to give his mother Grace a final resting place. Marko works at a small advertising company where he is a writer. There, he is forced to succumb to his Boss’ demands and requests and his artistic freedom is not respected. Fearful that he might lose his only source of income, Marko tries and tries to meet his Boss’ demands. Grounded on the theory of semiotics, Bistek uses multiple semiotic devices planted throughout the film to convey the Protagonist’s emotions and help in showing and shaping the story. The film is also relies on the use of colors to help intensify the mood and tension felt throughout the film. The film also uses flashback scenes to convey Marko’s regrets in life and why he would do anything and everything in order to give Grace, a proper burial and a final resting place.


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